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Irish Legend Tir Na N'Og Silver Pendant with 18" Chain

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Irish Legend Tir Na N'Og Silver Pendant with 18
  • €93.00

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The legend of Tir Na n'Og inspired this stunning pendant which represents the Love Story of Niamh & Oisin which features the magical white horse in Sterling Silver galloping across the sea & the Trinity Knot woven in the centre symbolising their Everlasting Love & Life.
Niamh came from Tir Na n'Og also called The Land of Eternal Youth. She travelled across the sea with her magical white horse to Ireland to find her One True Love & met Oisin - a great Warrior & it was love at first sight. They both returned to Tir Na n'Og & spent so many happy years together, but he still missed his family.

Oisin wanted to visit his family & homeland of Ireland, but before returning, Niamh told Oisin that when he returns on the magical horse, his feet must not touch the soil or he would not be able to return to Tir Na n'Og. Although Oisin thought only a few years had passed since he left his homeland, when he returned he spoke with some old men, who told him the news of his family & home & that 300 hundred years had passed. They were moving some rock & Oisin wanted to help, he reached down from his horse, lost his balance & fell off the horse. Forgetting what Niamh had said, Oisin's feet landed on the ground & very quickly the magic of Tir Na n'Og was gone becoming an old man & died.
  • Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland 
  • Hallmarked by the Assay Office, Dublin Castle
  • Sterling silver & gold plating
  • Blue cubic zirconia
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Length of Necklace 18"
  • Gift-boxed
  • realex
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  • visadebit
  • mastercard

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