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Foxford Woollen Mills in County Mayo are synonymous with the quality & luxury worldwide. Only the best quailty of lambswool, merino, cashmere & mohair are sourced for each of their woollen throws & scarves from design to completion at its Mill in Foxford, Co.Mayo. 

Foxford Woollen Mills was founded in 1892 by a Sister Agnes Morrogh-Bernard from the Sisters of Charity. Foxford was chosen as the area much needed employment post famine & as the River Moy flowed through, it would be ideal place to power the mill.

Still today, Master crafts people are using techniques & skills which have been passed down through the generations at the mills. Inspiration for their designed are taken from their surroundings of the rugged landscape in the west of Ireland.  In its natural form, the wool is dyed, spun & ready for weaving. Today there are 30 people working throughout the process, with about 11 working looms.

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