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  • It's Summertime

    It’s Summertime!

    Here in Ireland that means getting outdoors at the slightest bit of sunshine and revelling in it as best we can. We’re no longer commenting so much on the ‘‘Grand stretch in the evening,’’ now we’re remarking: “ There’s real heat in that sun” when it breaks through the clouds.

    Enjoying The Outside

    You’ll find that people are out along the rivers and seaside, even frolicking in the not so warm water. When there is a heatwave like in 2013, that’s not a problem, but even in cooler summers the fresh air calls, and Irish folk are sure to answer! Being outdoors is a priority, and back garden barbeques are often fired up in even less than ideal conditions. We are determined to enjoy the summer!

    Thanks, Guys!

    Credit must be given to the men (as it is mainly them,) who determinedly grill tasty eats for us in the rain as well as in the sun, never giving up when a downpour means they get soaked as everyone else runs to keep dry in the house!

    As a little thank-you treat for those men who have bbq’ed for you in the past; fathers, other halves, sons, friends & more, here’s a recipe of an extra-tasty variation of the classic burger. They, & you, might like to try it on the next sunny, or even not-so-sunny day! And, if the man you’d like to thank is vegetarian, have a look at our category of items for His Birthday/Gifts For Him (LINK). Amongst other items, there are several types of Irish caps that can help keep his head dry as he BBQs veggie burgers & corn on the cob in the rain :-)

    Special Burger Mix

    Makes 4-6 burgers

    Irish grass fed beef is second to none, and the same is true for Irish pork. If you can, try to get these as Irish products.

    Lean beef mince, 500g

    2 pork gigots

    2 streaky rashers (bacon)

    Have your butcher mince the gigots & rashers together. The butcher may also then mix the pork mince & beef together for you if you ask. If you can’t get the separate pork ingredients, you can use 500g plain pork mince.

    At home put all minced ingredients in a bowl and mix together well if not already mixed by butcher.

    Make 4-6 tennis ball sized lumps, depending on how large you like your burger. Place 4 inches (10cm) apart on sheet of cling film, and cover with another sheet. Press down on this with a small plate until the balls are ½ inch (1.3 cm) thick.

    Remove the patties and cook them on the BBQ for approximately 4 minutes. Then turn them over and add your favourite cheese onto them, cooking for another 2-3 minutes.

    Serve in a traditional Waterford Blaa for extra Irish goodness!

    Enjoy with your favourite condiments.

    An Irish Cocktail for the Men

    Cocktails and summer seem to go together, but not so many seem to appeal to the men. This very special Irish one may tempt some of the guys away from their Guinness, for a special treat. It’s an Irish Breakfast Cocktail! Yes, really! It takes a little prep, but give it a go:

    Irish Breakfast Cocktail

    3 pieces of pancetta

    Irish whiskey --Jameson is a classic and perfect for this recipe

    Maple syrup

    Egg white


    Pre prep: Take the pancetta & pan fry. (Be sure to remove excess grease from the meat with a paper towel once cooked.) When cool, put the pancetta into a container with 500mls of the whiskey, soaking in the fridge for 2 days. Then remove & strain off the gathered fat—use a fine tea cloth or coffee filter.

    To make:

    Into a cocktail mixer add:

    A few ice cubes

    1 ½ shots of your pancetta Jameson whiskey

    ½ shot maple syrup

    ½ shot lemon juice

    Shake well, then pour the liquid mixture through a fine strainer into a chilled glass

    Garnish with a bit of cooked pancetta or a lemon twist

    Meat and eggs! What man wouldn’t love it? Well, besides the vegetarian ones... maybe treat them to the Jameson t-shirt instead; it’ll to go with their cap! I bet the carnivores will like one of those t-shirts too.

    To see more Irish themed clothing (and some Irish summers those hoodies don’t go amiss!) see our selection.

    Enjoy the Summer!

    Have a look at the Sea Breeze pottery range for summer, click this link

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