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  • Spring time in Ireland

    Spring in Ireland is like a little slice of heaven. Nature puts on her fresh green party dress and the songbirds rejoice in a dawn chorus every morning. New life is everywhere, and fuzzy little lambs play joyful games in fields all over Ireland.

    Wildflowers decorate the hedgerows that border the fields, and have their moment of glory in the gentle spring sunshine.

    This Spring, as the blue wood anemones began to flower under the beech trees, the first of the lambs were born on the Zwartbles Ireland farm. These lovely chocolate coloured sheep are friendly, and when Maa had triplets she didn’t mind them being photographed.

    One of the triplets is a real chamer! She’s called Anemone, and she loves to explore all on her own.

    Anemone is the first one up in the morning for her breakfast. It’s like she knows she’ll need fuel for the day ahead— and today is going to be the lambs’ first day outside in the fields!

    Meeting the new neighbours is a little scary, but Anemone goes up and says a tentative hello.

    Not only is there fresh green grass to nibble out in the field, but there’s an interesting boot as well!

    All these new sights, tastes, and experiences are fun, but it is also great to get a little quality time with Maa.

    Anemone’s first day in the field is one that is repeated all over Ireland, and is part of the rhythm of life in here. The sound of lambs baa-ing, the gentle spring sun warming the earth & her inhabitants, and the scent of fresh grass just seems to make everyone say ‘ahhh..’

    Happily, you can enjoy the fresh scent of an Irish field anywhere in the world. Bog Standard have some lovely products created around, you guessed it-- Irish Fields!

    Bog Standard is a range of gorgeous candles, soaps and hand care inspired by and created in Ireland. It was at a tiny stone cottage retreat at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Co Down with ever changing vistas where the inspiration for Bog Standard came. Lush green patchworks of fields, windy twisty country roads, higgledy piggledy dry stone walls, long sandy beaches, moist mist and rain... In essence, Bog Standard "bottle" all that is lovely about Irish life and landscape, and share it. Wherever you travel in Ireland, you can’t fail to be seduced time and time again by the beauty, sights and smells of this land.

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    • Dee Sewell says…

      That’s a lovely tale! It’s a joy to see all the lambs in the fields and these little black ones are adorable :-)

      on May 05, 2014

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